Yakeda Outdoor Tactical Airsoft Vest Review

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Airsoft paintball vests are in demand due to the increasing popularity of paintball. This game has exploded since the dawn of 3D video games. But, unlike the virtual games, it does requires some equipment like a tactical vest. Anyone playing serious paintball should consider wearing a tactical vest to keep supplies and equipment at their fingertips.

The Yakeda Outdoor Tactical Airsoft Vest is a prominent product among paintball lovers due to its cool specs. In this article, we’ll review this vest and see if it’s truly worth the hype or not. So, let’s get on with it, shall we? 

Product Features

Adjustable Size

The Yakeda Outdoor Tactical Airsoft Vest comes in adjustable sizes ranging from small to extra large. The maximum chest size is 125 cm (50 inches). Velcro straps are attached on both sides of this vest. 

This vest may not be able to fit children who have a chest size smaller than that. Before placing your order, always keep in mind to first know your exact size.  


This vest has loads of functions to perform. It not only serves the purpose of carrying things, but it can repel water and stays dry. Although it does not have as much space as the Yakeda Tactical Vest, it’s likely to be enough for paintball games. 

Various Colors

There are a total of 7 unique colors in which this vest is available. These are:

  • ACU
  • Black-ACU
  • Black-1 
  • CP
  • Green
  • Italy Camouflage
  • Khaki

The Material of the Vest

The Yakeda Outdoor Tactical Airsoft Vest is made of very high-density 900D polyester with thick nylon that is PVC lined to give the vest the required strength. Due to this reason, this vest is durable and is resistant to wear. This vest also comes with 10mm PE foam padding that may just take some of the sting out of a direct hit. 

It is also great option for long-term use and is one of the best tactical vests for outdoor missions and even mountaineering because it packs a lot of quality without adding too much weight. Without your attachments, it weighs just under four pounds which is a touch more than other paintball vests that weigh closer to three pounds.  

Breathable Vest

The Yakeda Outdoor Tactical Airsoft Vest has a unique mesh design that is quite durable and breathable at the same time. The right-hand draw of this vest can not be changed to left-hand, which is a major drawback, just like the Yakeda Tactical Vest. 

Can be Combined With a Belt

While most of the tactical and paintball airsoft vests come with a belt, this vest does not, but it can still be combined with a belt if you buy it separately. The belt can be adjusted on your waist to provide the vest greater support while running, climbing or crawling. 

Pouches of the Vest

The pouches and zippers are made for maximum carrying capacity. As discussed earlier, there is not as much capacity as the Yakeda Tactical Vest but more than enough for paintball gaming. The pouches and zippers are listed as follows:

  • 1 map pouch
  • 1 flashlight pouch
  • 3 magazine pouches
  • 2 communication pouches
  • 1 medic pouch

All the pouches and bags are removable, which we like about this vest. It means that you can customize your vest as well. On the other hand, the vest does not have a zipper style, so you may have difficulty wearing it. 


  • Adjustable to fit most sizes
  • Carries three AR-style magazines
  • Adjustable shoulders
  • Breathable
  • Lightweight
  • Made of very high-quality 900D polyester with nylon mesh
  • Drains water and sweat
  • Available in various colors
  • Comfortable
  • Plenty of molle
  • Large velco panel for attaching your patch
  • Plate holders


  • It does not come with a belt
  • It does not come with a hydration bladder
  • The carrying capacity is less than other paintball vests
  • The right-hand draw can not be changed
  • No zippered pouches
  • Not zipped in the front

Frequently Asked Questions

What Size of Plates can This Vest Hold?

Well, the company says that the vest can hold up to XXL size plates, but, to be honest, it doesn’t. The medium and small-sized plates are held quite well. Even the large-sized plates are not such a problem to fit in the vest or maybe XL size too but not more than that. 

Can the Holster be Moved to Left-Hand Draw?

No, the holster of this vest is fixed for the right hand. It can not be changed to left-hand draw, nor can most of the other airsoft paintball vests. These vests are not made for actual tactical missions, so the precisions are not prioritized. 

Is the Vest Bullet-Proof?

We’re afraid not, the vest is not bullet-proof, and quite frankly, you might not get one in this price range. If you’re looking for a bullet-proof vest, better consider some other jacket. The Yakeda Outdoor Tactical Airsoft Vest is solely made for paintball fighting.

Can This Vest Fit a 10-Year-Old Child?

Not exactly, this vest is made especially for adults, as the name suggests itself. This vest’s size and adjustability indicated that it is not made, keeping in view the children. If you are looking for a paintball airsoft vest for your child, it’s better to consider some other jacket. 

Does This Vest Come With a Hydration Bladder?

No, this vest does not contain a hydration bladder. Although it does have a pouch in which you can hold one, you’ll need to buy a water bladder separately. 


The Yakeda Outdoor Tactical Airsoft Vest is a good product for outdoor activities like paintball and even mountaineering. It is a long-lasting vest, and we’d certainly recommend this product for an adult. 

Although this jacket does not have as much capacity as the Yakeda Tactical Vest, it is enough to carry several items needed in a paintball fight. So, it might accurate to say that the vest fulfills its sole purpose.

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