What to Put in a Tactical Vest

What to Put in a Tactical Vest

Protection and storage are the main functions of tactical vests. This applies not only to military or law enforcement people but to civilians as well. For this vests have diversified so as to provide the right vests for the purposes required. Function and protection are always considered in the design of vests whether they are for hunting, playing, survival situations, or tactical operations. The demand for them has given rise to many vests styles. All these offer different levels of protection.

When purchasing a vest for your own use, be sure to satisfy your own purpose. For example, a vest for outdoor activities should have many pockets and pouches. This is essential to store those items needed for outdoor living. Different activities may require different tactical vest.

For tactical situations: What to Put in a Tactical Vest?

What then are the best things for you to carry in a tactical vest? That should depend on what activity one would engage in. Here are some of the most common items needed. We’ve also suggested the ideal pouch location on the tactical vests:

  • Place mag pouches on your weak side. The pistol mag pouch should be above that towards the shoulder. Place the flashlight where you would want it convenient.
  • The first aid pouch should be on your strong side. GP pouch going on the strong side, outer if possible.
  • You need basic necessities like water and ammunition. Purchase a hydration carrier and some refill bottles. This is just for precaution in case the trip will take longer. After water and ammo, what the user will take with him will be at his own discretion. Just be sure of water and ammo mags for reloads on your weak side.
  • Don’t get too excited by bringing too much. Only the basic necessities. First-aid kits, flashlights, batteries, radios, and communication devices are a must for emergency situations. Be sure to have them in your vest pockets.
  • For instant energy when needed, bring high-energy snacks. These include chocolate bars and energy drinks.
  • Small items like carabiners, electrical tapes, torches, gas bottles, multi-tool knives or Swiss army knives and such are useful for the outdoors.
  • For protection and/or offensive actions, bring mags, pistol mags, grenades and other equipment.
  • Also, make sure to bring your personal stuff like your keys and wallet.

Practical items to bring for outdoor activities

Think about practical stuff to bring based on personal experiences. When you have accidents or other emergency situations, what are the usual items that you reach for to remedy a situation? Consider the following:

  • Flashlights and batteries are the usual suspects and very important in providing light. Choose long-life batteries. They may cost more but will provide longer light hours. Chemical light sticks are light and are easy to pack.
  • Disposable lighters and matches are good fire starters. You need these for hunting and camping trips. Your vest should carry these. If matches are preferred, contain them in waterproof plastic bags. If lighters, bring two or more as these are cheap and light.
  • A multi-tool or Swiss army knife will come in handy in emergencies. This is a must-item that you should always carry in your vest.
  • Zip ties, metal wires, and duct tapes could prove useful, especially during quick or semi-permanent repair situations.
  • Extra food contained in compact packaging is also recommended. Remember military rations? These are most convenient space-savers. It’s a plus that they also taste good. Bouillons are also perfect as space-savers. Just add hot water to make good soups. Hard candies can relieve dry mouths and throats. And don’t forget the most important item – water.
  • Don’t forget your first-aid kit and some over-the-counter medicines. Tylenol, band-aid, vitamins, inhalers (in case of asthma), gauzes, suphedrine and more. These are light and can easily fit in a pocket or two in your tactical vest.

Organizing your items according to your vest’s layout

How you would organize the items in your tactical vest will depend on your needs. A customizable vest will serve this aspect. It’s certain that everybody will have their own layout design. The great thing about customizing is that you can rearrange the layout when the need arises for each situation. A paintball player can layout the vests and organize items for such situation. Later, you can rearrange the layout when he wants to go camping or hunting. Such is the versatility of the vest’s customizing feature.

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