What is a Tactical Vest

What is a Tactical Vest

A tactical vest is a specialty clothing accessory that covers the torso with adjustable compartments for weapons, flashlights, ammunition, knives, maps, radios and drinking water.  Many also have molle straps which allow you to attach almost anything to it while maintaining quick and easy access.

Most are made from high-density Polyester, Cordura, Kevlar and other durable materials.  Many have built-in spaces for metal plates to provide protection from bullets.

The original definition of a tactical vest is a piece of bulletproof clothing, but the vest has now evolved to include other functions aside from protection.  Furthermore, the vests are not inclusive to just soldiers and policemen.

Airsoft and paintball enthusiast find these vests to be a a vital part of their equipment for serious competition.  Many people use them when hunting and fishing to keep important gear at their fingertips.

Most new features focus on storage capabilities as well as comfort and convenience. These vests are like small survival backpacks because of the many storage features.

What is a Tactical Vest and what are its uses?

When does the tactical vest become an advantage to the user? Here are some scenarios where and when they define their function:

In tactical situations

Operations that could spell life and death situations for the user require the use of a vest. And not just a vest but a plate carrier tactical vest. Plate carrier vests hold ballistic armor plates. These ensure minimum, if any, harm to the policeman or soldier.

Another very important factor is the user’s ease in reaching out for ammunition and/or other accessories when needed. This is essential in the performance of his job.

In shooting and/or combat training

With tactical vests, there is less weight and pressure on the user. This allows for more ease in performance. These vests are lightweight but provide a good amount of storage. This means that you are comfortable while you’re carrying around different items.

In hunting

Patience to hunters is a virtue. This is because it would take hours at a time to stalk, bait and hunt your prey in the wild. The tactical vest will serve an important purpose here. That’s because it will be a storage unit for your food, bullets, nutritive snacks, tools and more. All these items are available at an arms-reach range.

And when your vest comes with a hydration bladder, you can even drink whenever needed. The sitting hunter can wait hidden until his prey comes into view for the kill.

In fishing

One of the best natural ways to relax is going fishing. There are many available fishing vests in the market to make the sport simpler for you. If you use a tactical vest, boxes for fishing gear are not required as much anymore.

Tactical vests already have many pockets for your fishing accessories and tools. Moreover, you can switch from one fishing position to another with ease. Just pocket your fishing essentials and presto, you are ready for that trout in the water.

In paintball or air soft

Paintball and air soft games have become very popular. These pastimes have now transformed. They are no longer games for kids but more serious competitions for older audiences. Gadgets used in these sports are now more sophisticated and demanding. So the requirement for better paintball vests has also evolved. Tactical vests better equip the players of these games. They have more storage pockets for ammunition and other accessories.

Customizing your tactical vest

Purchasing a ready-made vest costs less, but users usually want to customize it. You can make the necessary improvements to suit your own purpose and wants. It may cost more, especially if you add more pockets to it. Choosing a color that is not readily available can also add to the cost. But customizing will give you the advantage of creating the ideal vest. Aside from that, it will still have plenty of room for improvement.

Attaching pouches

You can add pouches to the vest. You can purchase these pouches separately or in sets and they come in different sizes. These pouches only hook themselves to the mesh part of the vest. They can be easily installed and you have the option for different configurations. You can base configurations depending on your needs and/or priorities.

Selecting the right color

Camouflage is the color of choice for military and law enforcement personnel. This is because it’s essential in their jobs to blend with the background. Camouflage comes in a variety of combined colors from black to brown to green. Paintball gamers prefer this color since stealth is important in playing the game. However, other brighter hues are also appealing to some users. The purpose of bright colors is to prevent accidental injuries. Fishing and hunting will require such colors.

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