Tactical Vest vs Chest Rig

Tactical Vest vs Chest Rig

There are a lot of different options in terms of tactical gear. No matter what you need such gear for, you have to consider a lot of different things before making a choice. Here we will go through the difference between tactical vests vs chest rigs.

Tactical Vest vs Chest Rig: Which One Is For You?

These are 2 different kinds of gear you can use for a variety of purposes. Understanding what they are and what makes them different will help you determine which one is the better choice for you.

Tactical Vests

Tactical vests cover the front and rear of your torso. They typically have a number of pockets and attachments. Some types of tactical vests even give you the option to add on pockets or pouches to it. There are 3 types of tactical vests in the market now. Although the manufacturers won’t categorize them as such, it’s important to know these types. Knowing them will help you select which one is best for you. The three types of tactical vests are:

  • Cross draw
  • Multi-functional
  • Plate carrier

Knowing what makes these types different will help you choose the right one for yourself. Tactical vests provide your upper body with enough protection for basic outdoor activities. The level of protection you need will also help you decide what type of tactical vest to get.

Chest Rigs

Chest rigs are completely customizable, just like plate carriers. The difference is they only have a front section of webbing made with molle. This means they don’t cover your chest and back area fully. Chest rigs are lighter and smaller than vests. Their design allows for better speed and mobility. They are usually cheaper than vests and don’t come with any pouches.

Chest rigs are typically grouped together with cross draws. This is because they are the most common types of tactical gear people choose to buy. In fact, some people even consider chest rigs to be another type of tactical vest similar to cross draws. You can attach pouches to chest rigs using Velcro strips and such. This kind of gear is also attached to a belt-like structure too, making it resemble a vest.

Tactical Vests vs Chest Rigs

Although similar, there are notable differences between tactical vests and chest rigs. Depending on your source, you’ll find out that they are similar. But they are different in certain aspects. Let’s look at these differences:

  • Material and design

Nylon material is a popular choice for tactical vests. Tactical vests cover the front and back of the torso. Manufacturers use nylon mesh to keep the vest breathable and comfortable.

Chest rigs provide less coverage for the upper body so they allow for better ventilation. The material used and the design allows for better comfort and mobility.

  • Pockets

Pockets on a tactical vest are usually fixed. This means you cannot take them off and move them to a different location.

Chest rigs don’t have pockets. But you can attach pouches to them as needed.

  • Cost

Tactical vests come out cheaper than chest rigs. This is because they already come with everything you need. But you cannot customize some vests, which is a disadvantage.

Basic chest rigs are generally cheaper than vests. But you have to purchase all the extra accessories separately. You need to do this if you want to customize them fully. If you do this, then they become more expensive.

So which one is best?

Choosing tactical gear can be challenging. Tactical vests may be more economical but some types are not as flexible with regards to pouches. Chest rigs are lighter and customizable but they offer very little protection. When you’re thinking about what kind of tactical gear to get, think about your purpose for getting one. Each kind of gear come with their own features as well as drawbacks. So think about your needs and find which one will provide them.

But if you have the means, why don’t you go for different kinds of tactical gear? Having different gear for different purposes is advantageous. You can have a tactical vest which will provide you a good amount of protection when you need it. Then when you need a lightweight type of gear to allow for better mobility then you can use the chest rig. Neither one of these tactical gears is better than the other. The choice depends on what you want and your own personal preferences.

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