Tactical Vest Types

Tactical Vest Types

Different kinds of people all over the world wear vests. In the past, only military personnel wore tactical vests. But now, these vests have become popular even with other kinds of people. Nowadays people wear tactical vests for hunting, fishing and other outdoor activities.

Tactical Vest Types

Tactical vests are no longer just for people in the military or law enforcement. Now they are ideal for anyone who’s looking for a durable, comfortable, and multi-functional item of clothing. The design of these vests are suitable for men, but women can also use them.

When you are looking for a tactical vest, you should know that there are different kinds available. Since this kind of vest is usually worn for outdoor activities, then it must protect you well. With the vest, you should be able to move freely. Finally, it should be comfortable enough that you can focus on what you are doing. Here are the different types of vests for you to consider:

Cross Draw Vests

The design of cross draw vests makes them durable and ideal for outdoor use. The construction of these vests allows you to attach additional pouches to it. Although you cannot customize this vest, you can detach the holster to add pouches for mags.

These types of vests come with a sidearm. Supplying the vest with the all the needed gear ensures that you’re always prepared. Just put it on and you’re ready for your outdoor excursion. Cross draw vests are typically cheap. They are economical and functional at the same time. Aside from that, these vests come in a wide range of plain and camouflage patterned choices.

Multi-Functional Vests

Multi-functional vests come with a variety of pockets and accessories. These vests typically have pockets for different kinds of mags and ammo. They also have pockets for medical and communication purposes. A vest like this usually has a universal holster for pistols. In some cases, you can even take the holster off and attach it in a different location.

Multi-functional vests have a big capacity for storage. You’ll be able to carry a lot of items using this kind of vest. This is a handy feature to have, especially if you’re planning to go on tactical missions. A vest like this is fully adjustable and comes with different straps. These straps allow you to adjust the girth and length of the vest to fit your body frame. This type of vest doesn’t provide much ballistic protection. But they more than makeup for it with the storage capacity. It’s a great vest to bring in different outdoor activities where you won’t need a high level of protection.

Plate Carriers

Among the different types of tactical vests, plate carriers are the most customizable. These vests offer a lot of different possibilities for the configuration of pouches. You can assemble these fully customizable vests according to your needs. Plate carriers are big vests which have a lot of space.

These vests provide great protection because they have internal pouches for armor plates. There are pouches on the front, the sides and the rear of the vest. Plate carriers are also available in a wide range of colors. Although they are more expensive, you’re sure to be more protected when using these kinds of vests.

Maintaining your tactical vest

Tactical vests get worn out over time, unlike other items of clothing. This is especially true if you frequently use the vest for outdoor activities. If you don’t maintain your vest well, you may have to change it frequently.

Compromised vests aren’t as efficient and they may not be very useful to you anymore. As soon as your vest hinders your ability to do tasks, you need to change it. It’s better to replace your vest rather than compromise your efficiency and safety.

But if your tactical vest is still new or in good condition, maintaining it is fairly easy. Make sure to clean your vest regularly. It’s especially important to clean your vest when it comes into contact with oils and other residue from the items you carry around. It’s also important to clean your vest after you’ve worn in because substances like insect repellent and sun block may seep into it. This affects the performance and longevity of the vest. Keeping the vest clean is the best way to maintain it well.

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