Tactical Vest Setup

Build Your Own Tactical Vest

When it comes to setting up your tactical vest, more gear isn’t necessarily better. This is because you have to remain tactical, agile and mobile while wearing the vest. There is no one technique for tactical vest setup. But there are some tips for you to do this effectively.

Different Tactical Vest Setup

The way you set up your tactical vest depends on the activity you’re preparing for. You can set it up simply or you can set it up with a lot of different equipment and accessories. Think about how you are to use your vest. It can be a great ally in combat and tactical situations. That’s why you have to put in a lot of thought and effort in preparing the vest before use. Here are some tips to help ease the process:

Set your priorities

When setting up your tactical vest, make sure to set your priorities. If you have a lot of items, classify them into groups. This will help you determine what you need for the activity and what you can leave behind. There are some items which you frequently need. These include water, first aid tools, and other such important things. There are items which you need sometimes such as a flashlight or a multi-tool knife. Then there are the items which you might need. These are the things you require for the immediate activity or task you are to undertake.

Think about the activity you are about to do and set up your tactical vest accordingly. You don’t have to include items which aren’t relevant to your activity. These things will add unnecessary weight to your vest. Bringing along too many items might hinder your performance.

Keep everything organized

Once you’ve set your priorities, it’s time to get organized. Don’t just place your items in random pockets or pouches throughout your vest. Since you will only be bringing the essential items, it’s much easier to keep them organized. Simplify the way you store your items so you’ll remember where everything is.

If you use your vest frequently, keep the regular items in the same place. In doing this, you’ll remember placements easier. Items which need quick access must be within reach. You can place the less important items in pockets which are harder to access. The goal of keeping things organized is to make the vest simpler and more functional.

Prepare for anything

This is important when you’re planning to go on outdoor activities such as camping. We’ve already established that first aid kits and tools are important. Having such items ensures that you’re prepared to treat basic injuries.

Build your own first aid kit by making a list of basic items you will need when someone gets injured. Then think about any illnesses or allergies you or your family members have. It’s important to bring any essential medications along with you. Finally, bring some practical items. Such items are a flashlight or a Swiss army knife to keep yourself prepared.

Find your center

Balance all the items in your vest equally. Balancing all the items in your vest guarantees that no part of your body is under strain. But if you have to, make sure your weaker side carries more of the weight. This is because you have to keep your more dominant side free.

Make sure your shoulders are free

Your shoulders should also remain free of strain. This is because you need your shoulders and arms for moving. You also need them to perform tasks outdoors. To do this, make sure your shoulder area doesn’t have any pouches, knives or emergency items. De-clutter your shoulder area to ensure that you’re completely mobile and strain-free.

Make use of a hydro bladder

Hydro bladders are essential items in your vest. Some tactical vests come with hydro bladders while others don’t. You can carry this piece of equipment at the rear of your vest. It’s a handy item which will keep you hydrated no matter what the situation is.

Use a light

Finally, make sure your tactical vest contains some kind of light. Place it in an accessible location in your vest. You can go for a simple light or even a more complicated flashlight. An ideal spot for such a light is right under your armpit line. It’s accessible and it won’t block any other pockets. Lights are very important items. That’s because you can use them no matter what the situation and environment are.

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