NcStar Tactical Vest Review

NcStar Tactical Vest

TheNcStar Tactical Vest is one of those no-nonsense products built specially for the armed men belonging to the military. We have heard a lot of about this tactical vest so it’s now time to get up close and personal to find out what this product holds and what it lacks.

When we looked at the NcStar Tactical Vest, we were impressed by the external design and construction. Everything about the product oozes quality. It is made from high quality PVC mesh webbing to provide enhanced durability and ventilation. We really like the PALs webbing that is perfectly sewn at the back side of the panel to easily customize the tactical vest with accessories and pouches.

The vest comes with a flexible and adjustable cross draw holster which can accommodate a lot of pouches to hold many rifles and pistols. There is a heavy duty zipper on the front side with adjustable shoulder panels and two flexible front buckles to perfectly and securely fit any body type. The tactical vest features a heavy duty belt that comes with utility pouches/ additional pistol magazine and reinforced handle strap.

We were impressed to find that the vest is hydration system compatible (excluding the bladder). The vest gives you quick and easy access to your essential tools and side arm when you are on duty or at a shooting match. It works great for the Military/LEO operation.

There are special holders for your ammo, magazines, rifles, ID Cards, phones and so on; hence you can easily organize your stuff so that you don’t have to search for things when the need arises. You will find them easily. The vest is also easy to wear and take out without any hassles.

The product comes with a heavy-duty front zipper, adjustable shoulder panels, side straps and two adjustable front buckles, hence it gives you a secure and snug fit. It comes in one size and offers a good fit for all types of people with different physique.

If you are someone who prefers customization, you will be happy with this product as it allows you to add your own personal touch to it. There’s a Molle style webbing at the back which can be easily attached to a hydration pack or left out. There are two pistol mag pouches and a pistol holster which are detachable. The belt is provided for load bearing which means you may add some extra pouches if required.

Features of the NcStar Tactical Vest

  • Weighs 2.7 pounds
  • Designed for military/LEO operations
  • Made from strong PVC mesh webbing
  • Hydration compatible
  • Fits all body types
  • Breathable for easy ventilation
  • Adjustable cross-draw holster
  • Heavy duty belt
  • Heavy duty front zipper


  • The vest can hold up to 15 mags at a time
  • Velcro and fasteners are good quality
  • Mesh is highly breathable so you can stay comfortable in all weather conditions
  • Comes with a lot of utility pouches to help you organize things for easy access anytime
  • Straps can be adjusted to fit you securely and snugly
  • Vest can be easily customized to suit your personal requirements
  • Load up the gear as you like because the vest distributes weight evenly
  • Works great for military men and those who are enthusiastic about outdoor sports like hunting and camping
  • Customer support is easy to reach and friendly
  • The vest works as expected and delivers good value form money


  • Smells really horrible when new, almost like plastic
  • Sizing can be an issue for some people
  • Rifle pouches are small to accommodate Magpul 30 round magazines


The NcStar Tactical Vest is a well-designed product meant for military or LEO operations. There are several pouches and holsters to help you keep your items well organized. The vest can be customized to suit your requirements and the mesh webbing makes the product highly breathable. The two adjustable front buckles come handy in fitting different people.


The NcStar Tactical Vest costs less when compared to other tactical vests by competitor brands like Yakeda, UTG and Barbarians. Although it costs less, it does not compromise with quality. It is slightly on the bulky side when compared to some of the other brands. However at this price it offers good value for money.


The NcStar Tactical Vest is just what you may need if you are from the military. There’s ample of storage space to keep mags, rifles and bullets. The Velcro straps and fasteners are good quality and thy do not come off easily. They look great and work as expected. We really liked the fact that the vest can be easily adjusted to meet your specific requirements. Please be warned that the product may smell really horrible when you get it delivered to your home. However, the smell should disappear by itself after a few uses. Overall this is a nice product that not only works well but also costs less than competitors. A recommended purchase.

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