How to Wear a Tactical Vest

How to Wear a Tactical Vest

During its early stages of development, the tactical vest’s main purpose is for protection. This is especially true for law enforcement and/or military personnel. To serve such purpose, the vest is usually bulletproof. But because of necessities, the vest has now evolved to serve the user more than its usual function. Aside from its construct made stronger, the new designs have more features.

How to Wear a Tactical Vest Properly

They have storage pockets for arms, ammunition, flashlights, water canteens, cell phones, documents and more. Even civilians have now procured these tactical vests. They use the vests for protection against home invasions.  They also use the vests for self-defense on camping or hunting trips. The vests also serve as a handy carrier for guns and other essential tools. Depending upon the vest’s features, there may be slight differences on how to wear them. But basically, it is still a vest with the same purpose of protecting the front and back against harm.

Prepare the Cummerbund

A cummerbund is a sash which supports the tactical vest. You wear it around the waist fastened by hooks, piles, and buckles atop each shoulder. The first step in wearing a tactical vest is to prepare the cummerbund by laying it face down on a flat surface. The opening of the side plate channel must be facing up. Take the three cummerbund-end nylon tabs and pass them through the adapter eyelets. Then interlace the cable and the three eyelets.

Lodge the cable handle at the cummerbund top or bottom. You do this by manipulating the cable through the eyelets. Then you exit it through the eyelet near the cummerbund-end tab. Lace the excess cable through the eyelets. Thread the bungee cord through the cummerbund and adapter eyelets.

Place the hard side plate over the soft side plate and then put them both into the pouch. After that, close the pouch. Place the side plate pouch into the channel of the cummerbund. Do this so that the hard part faces an incoming bullet and the soft part faces your body. Finally, hook the channel by closing it.

Put the Vest On

You should wear the tactical vest over your shirt. The base vest’s front and back sections should be as high as possible. See to it that the vest neckline fits your collarbone. You can do this by adjusting the shoulder straps’ hook-and-loop fastener tab hooks. From a side view, the two panels should be equally aligned. Then zip close the vest’s side opening.

Next, connect the front and back collar assemblies into the vest’s neck space. Center the back assembly with the adjustment tabs. Then attach the collar’s throat guard. Do the required adjustments on the comfort fit system for your waist and shoulder.

Put the Cummerbund On

Expose the cummerbund pocket by snapping open the vest’s rear flap. This will allow you to lift the top and bottom pocket flaps. With the side plate pouch pointing upwards, position the cummerbund over the opened pocket. Now, wrap the bottom flap over the cummerbund then snap close the top flap. You can now close the cummerbund. For the right tightness, use the bungee cord then attach the cummerbund’s stability stops.

Adjust the side plate pouch until it reaches the armpit covering your torso’s side entirely. Pull the flap’s tab to lift open the front panel’s flap. Then use the hook-and-loop tapes under the flap to fasten the side plate pouch. You can use the cummerbund’s cable release handle either to your left or right.

Tips in wearing your tactical vest

Wearing a tactical vest can be challenging at times but constant practice will show that it is not Wearing a tactical vest can be challenging at times. But constant practice will show that it is not difficult at all. Be acquainted with the parts that make up the vest. Also, follow instructions chronologically to make the task easier.

  • To prevent wrong adjustments for the front and rear or side panels, learn more about the vest’s shoulder straps. Also, learn about the cummerbund channels’ position adjustable “stop” feature.
  • To feel at ease, the tactical vest should have a comfortable fit. You may prefer it tight or loose. It will depend on the user to make the necessary adjustments.
  • Use buckles and straps to correctly hang the vest on your person. The side buckles are for attachments and adjustments.
  • Shoulder buckles remain buckled almost all the time and only unbuckled when they need to be. The side buckles will secure the vest for you.
  • Constant practice will lead to perfecting the art of wearing a tactical vest. For first-timers, a weirdness may occur but that will pass in time.
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