GZ XINXING S – 4XL Law Enforcement Tactical Airsoft Paintball Vest Review

GZ XINXING S Tactical Vest

People all over the world take a keen interest in outdoor activities. Such a popular activity for most of them has become paintball fights. To play the game, you have to wear a tactical vest for protection before going into the battle arena. 

The GZ Xinxing is a state of the art tactical vest made primarily to fulfill this purpose. It is also regarded as protective equipment by law enforcement teams. In this article, we aim to go through all the features of this vest and its pros and cons in complete detail. 

Product Features

The Material of the Vest

This Tactical Vest is made up of a sturdy nylon material with mesh included along with 600D high-density polyester. Because of this, it is highly breathable, and ventilation is remarkable. 

The vest is very lightweight, and this, too, is due to the material used. The total package of this vest is about 1.4 kg. It’s easy to walk around while playing paintball or even go mountaineering or any outdoor activity you like. 

Various Sizes

There are many sizes that this vest has to offer. Considering the waist first, the GZ Xinxing Vest comes in a minimum waist of 89 cm (35 inches), and a maximum of 155 cm (61 inches). 

Inspecting the length, it turns out that the minimum length of this vest is 52 cm (20.5 inches), whereas the maximum it goes is 57 cm (22.5 inches).

Adjustable Shoulders

The GZ Xinxing Tactical Vest is a new type of product. The shoulders of this vest can also be adjusted according to your likes. The webbings in the shoulders can not only adjust the length but the width too. This feature is rarely seen in tactical vests. 

You’ll find fully changeable girth for a customized fit. This product is so interchangeable in adjustment that it comes with straps on the sides and velcro strips on shoulders. 

Adjustable Belt

An adjustable belt is included within the package as well. It is a tactical belt made solely for this jacket. The minimum waist of this belt is 89 cm (35 inches), while a maximum waist of 150 cm (59 inches) can be attained. 


The GZ Xinging Vest can carry necessary equipment into the battlefield, but this is not the only use that this jacket has to offer. It comes with a hook-and-loop Closure and drain holes to drain sweat. 

If you happen to dive into a river or a stream, the vest can drain out all the water in minutes, keeping you dry at all times. It is also equipped with an elastic so that the mags can be held tightly while running. 

The draw, however, is only right-hand. The company does not offer you the option of a left-hand draw. This is a flaw worth keeping in mind while buying the vest.

Pouches and Zippers

The GZ Xinxing Vest is loaded with pouches and are as follows:

Front Side

  • A utility pouch
  • 3 detachable pouches
  • 1 pistol holster pouch
  • 3 rifle mag pouches
  • 1 radio pouch
  • 2 horizontal pouches

Back Side

  • 2 internal pouches

All types of rifle mags can be adjusted in this vest. It has a unique zipper style that is easy to wear and go wherever you want without the hassle of holding things in your hands.

Variety of Colors

The GZ Xinxing Tactical Vest comes in 7 different colors. All of them are highly unique and remarkable in their overall manufacture. The company denotes the 7 colors if this vest as:

  • ACU
  • Black
  • Black Multicam
  • CP
  • Green
  • Grey
  • Tan


  • Very tough nylon material with mesh and 600D high-density polyester
  • Highly breathable vest
  • Extremely lightweight tactical vest
  • Comes in various sizes of waist and length
  • Highly adjustable shoulders
  • An adjustable belt within the package
  • Elastics to hold the magazines in the pouches
  • A lot of carrying capacity
  • Drain holes to drain sweat and water
  • Easy to wear zipper style
  • Comes in various colors


  • Not bullet-proof
  • Only right-hand draw
  • Does not contain a water bladder

Frequently Asked Questions

Can This Vest Fit a 13-Year-Old Boy?

Yes, the GZ Xinxing vest comes in a variety of sizes, so it’s safe to say that it can fit a 13-year-old child. However, your child’s chest size should be at least 35 inches to fit in the jacket comfortably. If you are ordering the vest for a child, please measure his length and chest size first. 

Can This Vest Hold a Water Bladder?

The vest does not contain a water bladder. You will need to buy a separate water bladder with this jacket. The jacket mainly fulfills the purpose of protection while playing paintball, so it does not require a water bladder. The game is brief, while the security that the vest should provide is adequate.

Is the Vest Bullet-proof?

We’re afraid not! The vest is not bullet-proof, and quite frankly, you can not find a bullet-proof jacket of any company in this price range. The sole purpose of this vest is to provide adequate protection while playing paintball, enforcing the law, or mountaineering.

Does the Vest Come With a Pistol?

No, the vest does not come with a pistol. However, a pistol holster pouch is attached to carry a pistol with you at all times. This is such an essential feature because cops do require a pistol holster pouch.


The GZ Xinxing tactical vest is a remarkable product that serves the purpose it is made for. It is vital for carrying many things like pistols, mags, and other stuff, such as documents. This vest is an excellent option to opt if you are a cop to fulfill your duty every day. It also benefits a lot to mountaineers and paintball lovers. 

The company maintains high standards and does not compromise on the material and, ultimately, the strength of the vest. While purchasing, do keep in mind the pros and cons of this product to make a good choice.

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