Build Your Own Custom Tactical Vest

Build Your Own Tactical Vest

Tactical vests are becoming more popular these days. This is because they are being used by different people in a range of outdoor activities. What used to be gear for law enforcement and military personnel has become popular with others too.

DIY Vest: How to Build Your Own Custom Tactical Vest

Tactical vests are popular with photographers, hunters, fishermen, campers, paintball players and other such outdoor enthusiasts. The reason for its popularity is the storage and protection capacity. These characteristics make very appealing. But tactical vests can be pricey. So you may want to make build one on your own. It’s ideal to build your own vest if you’re not looking for a military-grade vest which offers a high level of protection.

The style of your tactical vest

Selecting the right style is quite challenging when you’re looking for a vest. But if you’re planning to build one, you can customize the style as much as you want. Tactical vests help you organize all your items. Because of this, you become more efficient in tactical situations and outdoor activities. This means that it’s essential to really think about the design and layout of the vest. When making plans for your vest, you can choose from the following:

  • A tactical cross draw vest provides you with an organized layout for the pouches. You can customize the arrangement of the pouches according to your needs. This kind of vest is extremely functional. It’s useful because it keeps you organized and efficient.
  • A tactical plate carrier vest is more flexible. With this type, you don’t have to permanently attach the pouches. This means that you can change the configurations to suit your needs.

Acquire and prepare the base for your custom tactical vest

If you want to make your vest from scratch, then you should go out and buy material for sewing a vest. Then you can make a pattern for the vest and sew it yourself. But you can also make things easier for you by buying a plain vest. Either vest can serve as the base you will work from.

Make sure the vest you acquire or make fits well. You will modify the vest further so it should not be too loose. Also, make sure that the cloth of your vest is thick and strong but comfortable. A strong material will ensure that it can withstand all the modifications and weight of the tactical vest.

When you have your vest, prepare it by making marks for where you are planning to make changes to it. Make marks on where you want to add loops, pockets, pouches and any other accessories you want.

Do the measurements

Take a tape measure and carefully measure all the modifications you want to do on your vest. If you need to add any material or fabric, cut it out from a separate piece of cloth. Reinforce the pocket panels by cutting them bigger then folding the edges over. Just stitch all the edges so the raw fabric is secure underneath. When you do this, the cloth doesn’t unravel. This also makes your stitching stronger.

Stitch up your vest

Before you start placing any additions to your tactical vest, make marks for the pocket fasteners. When you do this, you’ll be able to attach them easily. You can use different kinds of fasteners for your pockets. You can use snaps, buttons or even Velcro patches. It’s much easier to attach the fasteners before sewing the pockets on your vest.

When all the fasteners are in place, stitch the pockets to the vest. When you are stitching, make sure the vest can support all the attachments you are sewing on. Also, check the stitching and reinforce it as needed. Check all the stitching as well as the fasteners before you say that you’re done with all the attachments. The custom vest and all the fasteners should be able to open and close properly.

A useful tip for you

With every pocket you’re adding to your tactical vest, make sure to think about what you’ll be storing in it. If the pocket will contain an item which you need to access quickly, then leave it as an open storage space. But if you will be doing different physical activities with the vest, then you should add in a top flap. Do this to keep the item/s in the pocket secure. The main advantage of building your own tactical vest is being able to customize it fully. So when you are making modifications, they should be specific to your own needs and preferences.

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