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Barbarians Tactical Molle Vest

Outdoor activities are gaining people’s interest day by day. Paintball is a major reflection of such activities. To play this game, a person has to wear a tactical airsoft vest for his protection. Other probable times to wear a tactical vest is when you’re mountaineering or have a law enforcing job. 

The Barbarian is a vest made especially for such activities. It is also well-renowned in armed forces where combat may be necessary. In this article, we’ll discuss the features of this product and its pros and cons in detail.

Product Features

Multi-Purpose Vest

The Barbarian Vest can carry several things at a time. It can be used to carry the necessary equipment while playing paintball or even mountaineering. The law enforcement teams also benefit a lot from this product. 

It features a mag pouch, a gun holster, and a bullet holder. This Barbarian Vest has several pouches designed for outdoor activities. Additional pockets can be used to hold documents or a hydration bladder. 

Adjustable Size

The length and width of the jacket can be adjusted according to your requirements. For length, a velcro is attached on the rear side to fit the height of the person wearing the vest. The minimum length that this vest can be brought to is 21 inch whereas the maximum length is 24 inches.

Fitting the vest is not a problem at all, as it comes with adjustable width as well. The Barbarian Vest has nylon straps on the sides so that it may fit your abdomen. The smallest width it can attain is 35 inches while 48 inches at its largest. 

Adjustable Belt

A belt is included in the package of this product. It is a tactical vest that features a strong buckle with 2 mag pouches. The waistline can be adjusted by loosening the velcro. The minimum waist of the belt is 35 inches, while the maximum waist is 48 inches, just like the width of the vest. 

Structure of the Vest

The structure of a jacket is of high importance. A good tactical vest has a large capacity to fit several things within it. With that said, let’s take a look at the structure of the Barbarian Vest:

Front of the Vest

  • 1 bullet holder
  • 1 pistol holster
  • 1 panel for shooting
  • 3 pouches for magazine
  • 3 pouches for equipment
  • 1 pouch for a flashlight
  • 1 pouch for interphone
  • 1 pouch for phone
  • 1 pouch to keep accessories

Back of the Vest

  • 1 mesh pocket
  • 2 D-Rings
  • Waist straps
  • Velcro
  • Molle panel
  • 1 belt (reinforced)
  • 2 document pouches

The Material of the Vest

The vest is made of a solid mesh material and a very high-density 600-D polyester. This makes the vest different from others and has a great reputation in the market. The material of this vest is the main reason why it is so popular among people who love shooting games, paintball, and battles. Other than that, it has a zipper style, which makes it easier to wear and walk. 

Additional Features

There are many additional features in this cool jacket, such as the rear Molle Panel. It is made with a modular webbing so that camouflage gears and other things can be attached. The 2-D rings are worth mentioning too that hold carabiners and other equipment. The anti-skid inside this vest can help you set the rifle fast.

Variety of Colors

This Tactical Vest has 4 different colors and is unique in its overall appearance. These are:

  • Black
  • Black python
  • Green
  • Tan


  • Substantial capacity
  • Adjustable length and width 
  • A belt within the package
  • The belt is adjustable
  • Made of high-density 600-D polyester with mesh material
  • A rear Molle panel constructed with modular webbing
  • 2-D rings
  • Anti-skid vest
  • Comes in 4 different colors


  • The vest is not bullet-proof

Frequently Asked Questions

Does This Vest Come With a Pistol?

Negative, the Barbarian Vest does not come with a pistol, but it’s a good buy if you look at the price. However, a pistol holster is attached to carry a pistol in the vest. It is an important feature to consider if you are a cop.

Does This Vest Have a Pistol Holster?

Definitely! It comes with a pistol holster, though, not a pistol itself. It is attached with velcro straps on the vest. Rest assured, the pistol does not come out while running. 

Can AK47 Mags Fit in its Pouch?

Yes, AK47 mags can easily fit in the pouches dedicated to magazines. The AK47 mags have a bit more curve than others, but this vest can easily incorporate them. It might accommodate a 30 cal magazine too if you wish.

Does This Vest Fit a Person with 5’4 Height Weighing 135 pounds?

No problem! Due to the velcro straps of this vest, it can be adjusted however you may want. It is very flexible in terms of fittings and adjustments. 5’4 is not an unusual height, so Barbarian Vest might be a good fit. However, do take a look at the sizes before ordering the vest.

Does This Vest Come With a Water Bladder?

No, the vest does not contain a water bladder. Separate water or hydration bladder shall be purchased with the jacket. The jacket is solely made for protection when performing outdoor activities like paintball fights. 


It serves as a great product when viewing outdoor activities such as paintball fighting and mountaineering. It provides good enough support giving you the ease to perform better. 

However, keep in mind that it is not a bullet-proof vest and shall not be used. Overall, the vest is a good option to choose for outdoor activities. The company promises to keep high standards while offering you the best experience when you’re not on your couch. While buying the product, keep in mind the pros and cons of this vest to choose the best tactical vest. Click here to buy

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