U.S. Government Contractor MOLLE II USMC Tactical Vest Review

Just as the name suggests, theU.S. Government Contractor MOLLE II USMC Tactical Vestis a high quality vest that is specially built for the men in uniform. The Marine Corps risk their lives to keep us safe, they sacrifice their personal family life to ensure that our families stay in peace. When they are out in the field or at the border keeping an eye on enemies or fighting with them when situations get worse, they need a high quality vest to protect them.  

The military and army men are the real treasures of any country and their life should be preserved at all cost. These vests are made from high quality military grade material and they are designed to carry a lot of load. It is the perfect gear for rifleman, saw man, gunner and grenadier. This well designed vest can hold a lot of weight and the best part is that the weight is evenly distributed throughout the body so you do not feel it.

This tactical vest is made from 100% Cordura nylon material, and it has an adjustable waist and height size. It comes with a covered mole webbing to give you universal attachment. We were happy to find that the vest is extremely lightweight so when you put it on, you hardly feel like you are wearing something.


The product is entirely made in the USA which ensures that a lot of attention has been given to maintaining the quality. When we first looked at the vest, we couldn’t help notice how compact it is when compared to other products in this price bracket.

This one size vest fits people of different physical build and the best part is that it is highly adjustable. There are numerous pockets and pouches on the front side so that you can keep your essential things in those storage areas and keep them easily accessible.

The fasteners, Velcro straps and zippers are high quality and they are built to give you a snug fit. They can be adjusted as per your preference to ensure your comfort.

Although this vest is mainly built for military purpose, this does not mean that you cannot use it for outdoor activities. If you choose to use the vest for hunting or hiking, you do not need the pouches that are meant to carry ammo and gear so you can take them off to reduce the weight. Hence, the vest is highly adjustable and you can adapt it as per your preferences without compromising with the usefulness.

Features of the U.S. Government Contractor MOLLE II USMC Tactical Vest

  • Measures 2 x 0.8 x 0.4 inches
  • Weighs 1.8 ounces
  • Made from 100% pure 1000D Cordura Nylon
  • Product is Made in USA
  • Fully adjustable
  • One size fits all


  • Extremely lightweight so you can wear it all day without feeling uncomfortable
  • Can be easily adjusted to match your various requirements
  • Vest made from high quality material
  • Tested and verified to be tough and durable
  • Can be easily customized as per your tastes and needs
  • The rugged vest is very well constructed
  • Looks really good out of the box
  • The price to performance ratio cannot be beat


  • May be small for some people
  • Storage area is limited


The U.S. Government Contractor MOLLE II USMC Tactical Vest is a well-made product and it comes in high quality packaging. The vest is easily adjustable and customizable to meet your specific taste and diverse requirements. One size fits all people and looks great too, although it might run small in some cases. The quality of material used in making the product is great. It adds a lot of value and life to the product.


We compared the U.S. Government Contractor MOLLE II USMC Tactical Vest with competitor product and found that you get what you pay for. In this category you will find products that cost less as well as those that cost more. For example, the SDS Official US Military MOLLE II Army Vest costs less but it also lacks a lot of features. The Fire Force MOLLE II Fighting Load Bearing Vest on the other hand costs more and it also comes with a lot of advanced features.


TheU.S. Government Contractor MOLLE II USMC Tactical Vest is a high quality product made in USA. It is made from pure 1000D Cordura Nylon which adds a lot of strength and durability to the product. This tactical vest is fully adjustable and it can be customized to match your diverse requirements. There are numerous pouches that allows good amount of storage when you are on a tactical mission. When you plan to use the product for recreation activities, you can remove a few pouches to reduce the weight. If you are looking for a low cost vest that packs a powerful performance then this tactical vest is a good choice.

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